What the fuck is this thing???

Professor Chaos pays tribute to the Hyote

What glorious times we live in! I wish I could have been alive back in the middle ages. Think of all the cool plagues and wars you'd have seen. And every time you take a walk in the woods, you'd probably discover some fucked up mideval creature. People were afraid of the forests back then...and came up with crazy animals like Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, the Yeti, the Loch Ness, etc.

These days, it seems like everything's already been discovered. But not anymore! Now, we have the Hyote!! The name was derived from the fact that it looks like a Hyena-Coyote hybrid, thus "Hyote". Ladies and Gentlemen, I present my pick for "I Love 2004" (coming in about 10 years to VH1): THE HYOTE!

The Hyote takes a break to have a drink. Too bad it doesn't run on blood. You can't have it all.

What the hell is that thing? It's not exactly terrifying, but it sure is cool. Here it is, grazing in its natural habitat. The fields of northern Maryland.

This one makes it look all freaky.

They should call it "Hyote Ugly"

Hyotes are drawn to the smell of human flesh.

Heading for the hills of Laurel.

Now that the Hyote is so hot, all the A-list celebrities want their own. Here we see a candid shot of Ashley Olsen with her designer Hyote.

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