Just another tease: MOC debunks Bunny Man Bridge

Filed by Professor Chaos

There's a ghost story floating around about Bunny Man Bridge. Something about an insane asylum burning down, and two dudes escaping. Then one of them ended up dangling, dead, from this bridge in Clifton, VA. The other guy is presumed to still be out there somewhere, hanging around the bridge. They call this guy the Bunny Man. About 20 years after that, some little girl died there or something. Here's an article if you'd like some more info. "They" say that if you say "Bunny Man" three times on Halloween, the Bunny Man will come. Not exactly sure what he'd do, though.

If anyone's seen "Donnie Darko", you might be familiar with Frank, the Bunny Man. Since the movie takes place in a fictional northern VA town, it's pretty safe to assume that the inspiration for Frank came from this legend.

So anyway, fellow MOCer Oompy was in town. We had a full moon, it was late October, the leaves were falling, etc. It seemed like a good night to go visit the Bunny Man.

So we went down Colchester Rd, right to the end. Just when we thought we'd gone too far, we came up on the sign: One lane bridge ahead. Sweeeet. Time to meet the Bunny Man!!

This is the view you see when you first approach the bridge/tunnel/thing.

Proof of the full moon.

Oompy swore he saw a face in the concrete.

Proof I was there. This is right after I said "Bunny Man" three times. Nothing happened.

You can hear this river babbling when you're near the bridge.

Come closer, Donnie.

Apparently we weren't the first chaos trackers to visit the bridge.

Here we see some graffiti from the local thrill seekers.

Holy shit, I think I see him!!!

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